Center for Research in Knowledge Communications (CRKC)

  • CRKC researchers generate solutions for the current and future technical challenges in those areas of technologies, systems, and network architectures that enable the vision of the information age.


  • Merging fundamental research with real world applications, our research group attempts to improve the performance and reliability of networked systems; spanning areas of communications, information processing, and data storage -defence and national security - health and medicine - advanced measurements and applications.


  • CRKC activities include feasibility studies, applied research, software development, hardware prototype development, and education and training.

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"The most compelling story of how Internet-of-Light will transform our world is the one still being written: the future of lighting, communications, sensing and birth of a new enterprise lighting network." -- Read More

~M. Kavehrad - Kenote Speaker

2015 Book - Short Range Optical Wireless: Theory and Applications -


IEEE Spectrum: Data Centers of the Future Could Send Bits Over Infrared Lasers Instead of Fiber Optic Cables.

Hello Bursts of Light, Goodbye Cables

The Bell Labs Shannon Centennial Conference on the Future of

the Information Age - April 2016.

Photos with Eminent Visionaries

Letter, Andrew J. Viterbi to M. Kavehrad, November 26, 1990.

Also, available from digital library of The University of Southern California on:

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