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Inside job for low power network system with reduced error rate

By Joanne Aslett
Electronics Times
(01/08/01 11:43 AM GMT)

Technology Headlines

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Free-to-air digital set-top box on a budget

Aibo and i-Cybie fight over who will be top dog

Orange Videophone too pricey for mass market

TI hits 600MHz with DSPs on 0.13m copper

Technology Archives

Engineers from Pennsylvania State University's Center for Information and Communications Technology Research have demonstrated a system for use in indoor local area communication networks.

Using a non-line-of-sight IR wireless broadband transmissions system, the team claims the technology offers low power and a reduced error rate.

The system uses a link design consisting of a multi-beam transmitter with a narrow field of view receiver, which filters out noise. It has a bit error rate of one error per billion bits at bit rates up to a few hundred megabits per second, and it operates at milliwatt transmitted power levels.

Dr Mohsen Kavehrad, professor of electrical engineering at Penn State University, said: "This error rate is unmatched considering the offered transmission capacity."

To form a lan for a group of machines, each machine is equipped with a low-power IR source and a holographic beam splitter.

A low-power beam is separated into several narrow beams, which strike the ceiling and walls to form an invisible grid encompassing the whole room. The beams are reflected at the strike points so they can be used to send and receive information.



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